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Welcome to the ARRIVE Web Site

The ARRIVE Web site is designed to help researchers and clinicians understand the importance and value of the ARRIVE Trial, one of the largest clinical studies ever conducted in a population at moderate risk of initial CVD events. The ARRIVE trial and this Web site exemplify Bayer’s commitment to work with the scientific community to continue exploration of Aspirin as a cornerstone of CVD event prevention.

About the Study

The ARRIVE (Aspirin to Reduce Risk of Initial Vascular Events) trial is one of the largest clinical studies ever conducted in a population at moderate risk of initial events associated with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease (CVD). ARRIVE will expand the already existing, strong body of evidence supporting use of Aspirin for primary prevention of events associated with CVD. Learn more

Did You Know?

  • By 2020, cardiovascular disease and stroke will become the leading cause of both death and disability worldwide. Learn more
  • The broader, appropriate use of Aspirin therapy can help prevent tens of thousands of events associated with CVD. Learn more
  • Regular Aspirin can significantly reduce the incidence of global cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Learn more
  • The financial burdens of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease are enormous. Learn more
  • Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the leading causes of death worldwide. Learn more
  • An innovative method that models overall risk for the composite primary endpoint was used to establish the entry criteria for ARRIVE. Learn more
  • The ARRIVE trial is being undertaken to further demonstrate the efficacy and safety of low-dose Aspirin in preventing initial events associated with CVD in moderate risk individuals. Learn more
  • An additional 45,000 lives in the United States would be saved annually if 90 percent of at-risk adults took Aspirin daily. Learn more

Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so consumers are directed to speak with their physicians before beginning an Aspirin regimen.

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